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Candy Can Sour Apple

Candy Can Sour Apple 330ml

Candy Can Rocket Ice Lolly

Candy Can Rocket Ice Lolly 330ml

Candy Can Marsh Mallow

Candy Can Marsh Mallow 330ml

Candy Can Cotton Candy

Candy Can Cotton Candy 330ml

Candy Can Bubble Gum

Candy Can Bubble Gum 330ml

Candy Can Birthday Cake

Candy Can Birthday Cake 330ml

Monster Energy Peaches n' Creme

Monster Energy Peaches N Cream 473ml

Monster Energy Green Tea

Monster Energy Green Tea 473ml

Monster Energy Rio Punch

Monster Energy Rio Punch 473ml

Monster Energy Ruby Red

Monster Energy Ruby Red 473ml


Wholesale drinks
The beverages at Wise Trading Group is a best-selling collection, reflecting our dedication and commitment to being premier wholesale drinks suppliers. This category is designed to cater to a diverse assortment of tastes and preferences, making it a prime wholesale destination for a wide range of beverages.

American drinks wholesale
Discover the excellence of Wise Trading Group, a leading American drinks wholesale supplier presenting a diverse assortment of renowned beverages sourced directly from the USA. Our extensive selection spans a spectrum of favorites, including sodas, carbonated beverages, energy drinks, and various non-alcoholic beverages that are iconic in the American market. Uncover the allure of Prime drinks, a popular choice among our offerings. These offerings are perfect for businesses looking to provide their customers with a taste of authentic American flavors.

Choose Wise TG for a long-term partnership in delivering quality beverages that stand out in the market. Elevate your offerings and let Wise Trading Group to redefine your American drinks wholesale experience.

Japanese drinks wholesale
In addition to their American offerings, WTG also boasts a remarkable assortment of Japanese drinks wholesale. This selection includes unique and exotic beverages that are sought after for their distinct flavors and innovative packaging. From traditional Hata drinks to modern soft beverages, Wise TG provides a gateway to the diverse world of Japanese beverages. In addition, you can find Coca Cola and Fanta flavors made for Japanese taste.

Bulk buy drinks
Distinguishing itself within both the American and Japanese beverage assortments, Wise TG boasts a remarkable selection of Fanta products. Unlike conventional Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies, the beverage category at Wise TG transcends being a mere product range; it represents a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking wholesale drinks options. Whether catering to bulk orders or aiming to enrich a beverage menu with international flair, Wise TG stands out as the go-to partner. Our expertise and extensive selection ensure that businesses can confidently rely on us to meet all their beverage procurement needs. The steadfast commitment to quality, coupled with competitive pricing and exceptional customer service, underscores Wise TG’s position as the trusted ally for businesses navigating the diverse landscape of wholesale beverages.

Contact us for the availability of the products, final quotation, and other relevant questions.