Mirinda Orange can 330ml

Mirinda Orange can 330ml en wholesale

Units Per Carton Units Per Carton
Country Of Origin Country Of Origin
Stock Status Stock Status
In stock
Basis price Basis price
Box 24
Boxes 90
Truck 2610 cs.
Check Wholesale only
Check 100% genuine product


Volume, l 0.33
Content size 0.33
Unit of measure for the amount of content L
Main sales unit PS

Min. temperature 0
Max. temperature +20
Storage temperature, ºC 0..+20
Shelf life, days 270

Product type NON-ALCOGOLIC
Weight goods NO
Quantity, pcs. 0..+20
Product display planogram YES
Applicability WSG YES
Seasonal NO
Import NO
Brand name Mirinda

Type of packaging BANK METAL

Height, cm 11.6
Depth, cm 6.5
Width, cm 6.4
Gross weight, kg 0.354

Height, cm 11.7
Depth, cm 13.3
Width, cm 13.1
Gross weight, kg 1.520
Showbox layout sign NO

Height, cm 12.3
Depth, cm 41.7
Width, cm 26.8
Gross weight, kg 8.768
Showbox layout sign NO

Height, cm 11.6
Depth, cm 13.5
Width, cm 13.0
Gross weight, kg 1.414
Showbox layout sign NO

Height, cm 11.8
Depth, cm 41.0
Width, cm 26.8
Gross weight, kg 8.56
Showbox layout sign NO

VAT,% 20
SSU 4069

Production capacity, UA PJSC "Carlsberg-Ukraine"
Manufacturer ОАО "PepsiCo"
Country UA
Production facility address vul. Pirogivs

Organic product NO

Fat, g / 100ml 0
Proteins, g / 100ml 0
Carbohydrates, g / 100ml 11.2
Calorie content, kcal / 100ml 43
kJ / 100ml 179

Composition Вода питьевая подготовленная, сахар, диоксид углерода, регулятор кислотности лимонная кислота, стабилизатор модифицированный крахмал, консервант бензоат натрия, стабилизатор глицериновые эфиры древесной смолы, натуральный ароматизатор апельсина, краситель желтый "Солнечный закат", регулятор кислотности цитрат натрия

Type of storage of goods in a box VERTICAL
Net weight of transport packaging, kg 0.076

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