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Discover a world of top-tier brands we sell on wholesale base! At our website, we bring you the best FMCG brands. Explore a wide selection of Coca-Cola, Red bull, Monster, Mondelez, Nestle and many more. Whether you’re looking for beverage, food, or non-food consumer goods, we have it. Stock up your inventory with top brands we offer.

Wise trading group – your FMCG partner for complete innovated trading solutions!

Experience our comprehensive trading solutions designed to cater to the wholesale delivery of leading brands beverages, food, household, and personal care products across Europe. At WISE TRADING GROUP, we revolutionize the supply chain efficiency with our innovative technological platform, fostering a new sales and customer care culture.

With a vast network of own and partnered warehouses in Lithuania, Ukraine, and The Netherlands, we proudly supply a diverse range of products sourced from our wide network of trusted partners. Our commitment extends to serving customers in 35 countries throughout the world, ensuring their needs are met with excellence.

Our offerings encompass a broad spectrum of FMCG products, making us a reliable wholesale company in the industry. The commitment to quality, combined with an expansive product range, positions us as one of the main FMCG products supplier for wholesalers, retailers, candy shops, looking to satisfy the different demands of today’s consumers.

Partner with us and unlock the potential of seamless wholesale operations, high product quality, and unrivaled customer satisfaction. Discover the power of innovation with WISE TRADING GROUP, your ultimate FMCG partner!

Wise TG – What we offer

Wise Trading Group stands as a distinguished FMCG wholesale company, offering an extensive range of products and services to meet the diverse needs of the modern market. With a strong focus on quality and variety, we are established as a reliable FMCG products supplier, catering to businesses across various countries.

Wholesale Drinks

As wholesale drinks supplier, we excel in offering a comprehensive selection of beverages. The portfolio includes everything from soft drinks and juices to energy drinks, hydration drinks, mineral water and beer, catering to the different needs of the beverage market. The expertise in FMCG wholesale ensures that we provide not just variety, but also products that align with current market trends and consumer preferences. The wholesale soft drinks service by Wise TG is notable for its extensive range of popular and niche brands. We understand the importance of providing a diverse beverage selection to businesses, making them a one-stop solution for all soft drink needs in the FMCG sector.

Wholesale Sweets

Discover excellence in FMCG confectionery with Wise Trading Group’s diverse range of wholesale sweets. Our extensive selection, featuring timeless classics and innovative flavors, reflects a profound understanding of the dynamic FMCG market. This variety, combined with our commitment to quality, makes us a top choice for businesses looking for reliable supplier of FMCG products in the confectionery segment.

Wholesale Snacks

Explore a world of flavorful delights with Wise Trading Group’s bespoke wholesale snacks. Crafted to align seamlessly with evolving consumer snacking preferences, our assortment offers a diverse range, from savory essentials to salted indulgent treats. Tailored for various occasions and consumer groups, our snacks cater to every taste.

WTG stands out as a versatile and dependable FMCG product supplier in the snacks category, ensuring a comprehensive snacking experience for all. Whether you’re seeking convenient on-the-go options or indulgent cravings, our curated selection satisfies every snacking need. Choose excellence with Wise Trading Group’s premium wholesale snacks.

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WTG is your trusted and reliable partner, providing unparalleled support and delivering top-quality solutions for your business success.

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We supply an extensive selection of FMCG products, offering a wide range of options to meet all your needs.

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Experience the convenience of worldwide delivery as we bring consumer goods right to your place.

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We offer competitive pricing on all products, ensuring you get the best value for money without compromising on quality.