Cookie policy

  1. This Cookie Policy is applied to the current website operated by UAB WISE TRADING GROUP (also WTG). Navigating within this website you allow to use cookies in your browser. WTG collects information about visitors, like IP address, type of web browser, pages visited, languages used, login and other information for statistical, performance and security reasons as well as to improve website functionality.
  2. What are the cookies
    Cookies are small text files containing certain information that are stored on your device when you visit the website. They are used to track the website navigation and to improve user’s experience.
    Cookies are information packages sent by a web server to the user’s browser and automatically stored on the computer. Cookies are sent to your personal computer, when you first visit the website. Later, cookies are used for an identification of a personal computer and to optimize access to the website or information contained thereon.
    Cookies are necessary to provide certain functionalities on a website, e.g. to maintain a language choice made by a user. Cookies enable the issuer to recognize that the website was previously called up by a certain end device, allowing the identification of returning visitors (or their devices) and gathering information about their usage of the website and their preferences. Most browsers allow the users to manage cookies using configuration settings of a web-browser.
  3. Types of cookies
    1. Strictly necessary
      1. Necessary cookies allow to deliver better experience during your navigation on the website and to guarantee proper website functionalities and security features. No personal information is stored.
    2. Performance & Functionality Cookies
      1. These cookies store information about visitor’s navigation within the website such as pages, languages, display options, number of visits, duration, browser used, the domain name of previously visited website, e-mail and social media integration etc.
      2. They help us to identify your local preferences accessing the website and to improve user friendliness of a website and enhance the user’s experience.
    3. Marketing Cookies
      1. Marketing cookies (or targeting/advertising cookies) are used to deliver relevant ads on third party websites and to engage individual users. We use Google Analytics tools to understand your behaviour on the website and how we can provide a better experience. The acquired
      2. information helps us to improve the contents of the website according to your preferences.
    4. How to manage cookies
      Please, click the links below to learn how to set up your computer and browser to manage cookies:
How to disable Google Analytics cookies click here.
This Cookie Policy is continuously updated. All information about cookies used on this website, validity and data used can be provided by WTG at any time by your request.