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OREO Dutch Wafer Double Choco 117g

OREO Dutch Wafer Vanilla Choco 117g

OREO Sandwich Cookies Pokemon Vanilla 119,6g

OREO Mini Cup Strawberry 61,3g

OREO Mini Cup Chocolate 61,3g

OREO Mini Cup Vanilla

OREO Mini Cup Vanilla 61,3g

Meiji Fruit Juice Gummies Unshu Mandarin 54g

MEIJI Fruit Juice Gummies Unshu Mikan 54g

meiji Fruit juice gummies Muscat 54g

MEIJI Fruit Juice Gummies Muscat 54g

Meiji Fruit juice gummies Grape 54g

MEIJI Fruit Juice Gummies Grape 54g

Morinaga HI-CHEW Strawberry 55.2g

Morinaga HI-CHEW Strawberry 55.2g


Exploring the World of Sweets Wholesale at Wise Trading Group
Dive into the delectable world of Wise Trading Group, where we offer a wide variety of sweets. Our selection for sweets wholesale comprises the best of both worlds: the timeless allure of American candies and the refined elegance of Japanese and Asian confections.

USA Sweets Wholesale: A Nostalgic and Innovative Journey
Our American candy wholesale range is a trip down tasteful lane, featuring a vast array of chocolates, cookies and gummies. But it’s not just about tradition; we embrace innovation with trendy and unique sweets, ensuring our selection is as diverse as your tastes.

Japanese Sweets Wholesale: Artistic and Flavorful Delights
If you have an appreciation for finesse, explore our Japanese sweets wholesale selection. Known for their delicate flavors and stunning presentation, these sweets are more than just treats; they’re an artistic expression, adding an international flair to your retail offerings.

Quality and Consistency: The FMCG Wholesale Promise
At Wise TG, we understand that quality is paramount. Our rigorous selection process and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction set us apart in the FMCG wholesale sector. Whether it’s American or Asian, or European products, our focus is on delivering excellence consistently.

Bulk Buy Sweets: Variety and Value for Every Business
Our portfolio is designed to cater to diverse preferences. With wholesale of American sweets and Japanese ones, we ensure that your business stands out. Competitive pricing, quick delivery, and exceptional customer service are the pillars of our experience for bulk buying.

The Wise Trading Group Edge: Excellence in Every Bite
As a player in the sweets wholesale market, we pride ourselves on offering an unparalleled variety. From classic flavors to contemporary innovations, our selection is curated to elevate your food retail venture.

Elevating Your Retail Experience with Global Flavors
Join us in a journey of taste and quality. At Wise Trading Group, we’re not just selling sweets; we’re offering an experience – one that promises variety, quality, and a touch of global flavor. Elevate your retail offerings with our wholesale sweets, and let your customers indulge in the best of American and Japanese confectionery.

Contact us for the availability of the products, final quotation, and other relevant questions.